What to Look for Before Renovating a Bathroom

Homeowners think about remodeling a bathroom for quite a long time before committing to hiring a contractor. Just like with any other renovations, because it takes time and quite a bit of money, people tend to delay it. While you are not in a rush, you should take the opportunity to find out more about what upgrades you should do, and how you should do them. By doing a little research you start to see the trends and are more aware of the costs too. When you finalize decide that you are ready to hire, it will help that you already know what you are looking for. Also when the contractors make recommendations, it will make more sense. So what information should you look for before hiring a bathroom remodeler? Well, we compiled several questions that we recommend that you have answered when choosing your contractor.

Which one is better bathtub or shower?

Your contractor will most likely say that it depends. If you search on blogs online, you will also find mixed opinions. Basically, aa bathtub is great for young families with young kids. Bathing a baby and a child is much easier on a bathtub than on a shower. The cost of a bathtub also tends to be a bit lower in general, unless you choose a crazy luxurious one. By the way, if you do, that will come with great advantages and could be more like a hot tub and jacuzzi. In another hand, a shower is much easier to access, to clean, and upkeep. A shower can also be more attractive as you have more options of customization. The biggest disadvantage of a shower is if you have a baby or young child. While the biggest disadvantage of a bathtub is if your family is on the older side or has some disability where bathtubs are just not as safe as a shower.

That being said, the best recommendation is to have one of each if you have more than one bathroom. For example, have a custom shower in the master bath and a bathtub in the kids/guest bathroom. If your budget and space allows, you can even have an ensuite bathroom. That means a bathtub and a shower in the master bath. That gives you all the options possible. If you only have one bath, then deciding based on your age and age of your family is a good rule of thumb.

What are the best recommendations for bathroom floor?

Bathrooms have a lot of moisture and over time only the best tile floors will resist. A lot of old houses still have wood or linoleum flooring which is terrible for bathrooms. The best flooring options for your bathroom are waterproof floors such as vinyl planks or tile. There are different types such as ceramic and porcelain tile. There are even vinyl planks that look like tile. Nowadays the options are rather overwhelming, but if you spend the time you will find absolutely beautiful floors that will elevate your bathroom to a whole new level.

How to maximize the bathroom space?

Unfortunately bathrooms are often very small. In Hawaii especially, the price of the land is so high that home builders tend to reduce the space of the bathroom as much as possible to reduce the costs. You will find luxurious homes with huge bathrooms in which space is not an issue. But if you were not fortunate enough to have that, what should you do? Well there are many options to be creative and make a small bathroom feel bigger. Converting a bathtub to a shower in Honolulu is an example. It may save you a decent amount of space. Granted that you also will benefit from a not to small shower. Sometimes switching the position of the vanity and toilet can help to. That is often too much renovation and hassle, but when it makes sense, it makes sense. Some contractors will suggest to leave one wall empty to either build a custom tall cabinet, or buy one. Keep in mind that anything you build that is customized will have the highest potential to store more stuff than something you buy and may not even fit correctly.

The low cost options is the little cubbies and bathroom shelves you may see around at Home Depot and other home improvement stores. If space is a concern, just make sure you ask your contractor for help so you both can plan ahead.

How is your current ventilation?

Bathrooms need a good ventilation system. If you have a window you may be okay, but it does not hurt to have a ventilation to provide quicker drying of all the moisture during showers. This is to prevent mold and mildew growing in your bathroom.

How is your current electrical and plumbing systems?

Most people forget about considering an extra budget for unforeseen plumbing and electrical issues during remodeling. Ask you contractor to check let you know if something needs to be fixed. It will cost more but it is easier to fix these things now that you are doing renovations, than 1 or 2 years later when something breaks.

What about small upgrades?

Small upgrades can go a long way on your own satisfaction with your bathroom. For example, having a nicer showerhead that has different setting (for example rain, different massage jets). Some people even do tower on the wall of the shower or bathtub to add more function to it. Another common one are light fixtures. Bright recessed lighting above the vanity and shower are good ideas. If you are remodeling for a rental you don’t need to worry about these small upgrades. However, if you are planning to live in this house for a while, these small upgrades are not too expensive and will make you enjoy your bathroom a whole lot more. Now that you have an idea of what to look for, research, ands talk to you contractor about, it is time to take action. Prices of materials are going up since the pandemic and the best time to do a remodeling project was yesterday. That being said, it is a big expense, so take the time you need to ensure you make the best decisions and are satisfied with the results.

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